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About Us

We're a group of people who are wildly passionate about transforming the culture of healthcare, one leader at a time. We believe cultural transformation is the oxygen to an exponentially evolving healthcare workforce with a now more than ever increased demand on fusing optimization of a unique experience and the industry's rapid advancements in technology.


The result of this acute change to the workforce has led to a depletion in empowerment and development among leaders. Our approach at Care-to-Care focuses on empowering your teams through practical and sustainable solutions through high-energy facilitation, hands-on development, and creative solutions.


Char Learson, CXO

Phone: 916-291-5424

Char has played a vital role in propelling organizations to thrive through change by fostering culture transformation. Notable for being an exceptional physician and leadership coach, mentor and progressive executive. Her niche dwells in her ability to develop a business’ most valuable resource – its people.

Our Team

Demaris Learson, CEO

Demaris has a strong background in media productions. His roles consist of camera operation, live production, editing and video production. He has worked with major broadcasts such as CBS Sports, TNT, ESPN, and PAC-12 Network.

His experience has given him the ability to use the means of digital media as a tool to assist individuals with: workshops, coaching, best practices, and training.

The name of the game is sustainability. Media mobilizes that message.


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